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Mavic 3 Enterprise

SkyMap Spatial Data 

At Sky Map, we merge the art of aerial exploration with cutting-edge data processing services. Our team of skilled professionals, including drone experts, GIS specialists, and engineers who are dedicated to revolutionizing the  (GIS) Geographic Information System landscape. See how Sky Maps spatial data services can assist today. 

About SkyMap

Spatial Data & Engineering Experts 

SkyMap is a Queensland-based spatial data service provider that utilises modern ground and aerial data capture and evaluation technologies to support complex modelling and analysis applications.  Our spatial data services have a wide range of applications across several sectors including Engineering, Survey, Mining, Asset Management, Conservation, Condition Assessment, Agriculture, Marketing and more. 

SkyMap is a trading arm of Black EME Pty Ltd. which is a renowned Queensland local engineering and project management consultant.  SkyMap’s registered engineering affiliation ensures that all data capture is processed and interrogated by engineers and technical experts, providing clients with the confidence that data acquisition and presentation are anchored with engineering merit. See how satellite, LIDAR and photogrammetry capture can help elevate your GIS needs today.

GPS Survey

Services Overview

Building roof.png

Inspections & Condition 


7505 (2).JPG

Infrastructure Management 

Lockhart Festival Ground-orthomosaic_edited.jpg

Environmental Monitoring 


Post disaster assessment


Digital Terrain Model (DTM) & Contours 

Screenshot 2023-07-31 100617.png

Volumetric Analysis 

Tully state school-orthomosaic.jpg



Point cloud road.png

LIDAR Mapping 

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 Projects Snapshot

Innisfail East high density point cloud
Road drone survey
Lockhart River Festival Ground Terrain
Ravenshoe state school survey
Ravenshoe state school survey
Ravenshoe School Site Survey
Lockhart Festival Ground
Surface TIN example
High density point cloud
Lockhart River Council
Digital surface model Atherton region
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